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Over the past few months I have been investigating a handful of toolkits that are aimed at teaching kids (and beginners) to code.

The reason for this, aside from my general interest in education and code literacy, is because I may be teaching an extracurricular intro to programming class for middle schoolers come next autumn.

One such tool I’ve found is Microsoft Small Basic. It’s a quite simple language with a friendly IDE and lots of built-in classes for graphics and visualizations. Even as a professional programmer, I find Microsoft Small Basic to be surprisingly fun.

Prize Details

Learn to Program with Small BasicThe prize for this giveaway is a paperback copy of “Learn to Program with Small Basic” published by No Starch Press.

The language, the IDE, and the book itself, hide some of the complexities and ceremony that are typical of professional languages, making the process of learning simpler and more focused.

So the book is an excellent resource for any parent or teacher looking to provide a gentle introduction to coding. The ambitious middle schooler might also find it a suitable read to tackle on their own.

Realistically, it’s a great introduction to programming even for adults, who might appreciate the slightly more mathy parts that are peppered here and there.

This book also included numerous colourful pictures and syntax highlighted code, which suits a title of this nature nicely. (See photo below.)

What I liked in particular about this book is the fun tone and style, the clear explanations that make no assumptions, the heavy use of graphics, and the fact that some basic foundations of game programming are covered. And let’s not forget the idea of creating Art with code.

Inside the book

Giveaway Details

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