IBM Summer 2020 Internship Positions

My team at IBM is looking to hire new interns. We have several new paid internship positions in Markham, Ontario (Canada), starting in the summer of 2020. This is an amazing opportunity if you meet the following requirements: You are legally allowed to work in Canada. You are enrolled in university or college. A

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New IBM Internship Positions in My Team

We (i.e., my team at IBM) are hiring several students for an internship starting in January. Short notice, I reckon, but this is a great opportunity for the right people, so I had to share it. We’re hiring a few backend developers, frontend developers, as well as data scientists (interns). The internship will start

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String Length in Elixir

In a previous post, I wrote about Hello World in Elixir. Using such a simple program allowed me to discuss a few concepts about the language. This post explores strings further, by discussing how to find the length of a string in Elixir. Simple enough, but there is more than meets the eye. Elixir

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