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19 Gadgets I Use and Love

I always find it interesting to see which gadgets and technology people use. So I decided to share the current list of gadgets I use. Three caveats Before we start, I’ll offer three caveats: I’m using a loose definition of the word gadget. The more accurate term might be the less catchy, electronic devices,

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A Review of the Amazon Books Store

This week I’m in unusually sunny Seattle as a mentor at Datapalooza, a data science conference that is organized by my employer. While here, I thought I’d pay visit to the first – and currently only – physical Amazon store. Amazon Books is a retail outlet located in University Village, an upscale mall in

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Eloquent Ruby Review

In 2007 Russ Olsen published Design Patterns in Ruby (US | UK | CA). Right around that time there were several other Ruby books hitting the shelves (as Rails was really reaching the peak of its popularity), however Olsen’s book managed to distinguish itself as a highly valuable resource for readers who wanted to

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