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New IBM Internship Positions in My Team

We (i.e., my team at IBM) are hiring several students for an internship starting in January. Short notice, I reckon, but this is a great opportunity for the right people, so I had to share it. We’re hiring a few backend developers, frontend developers, as well as data scientists (interns). The internship will start

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Join My Team at IBM

This is a heads up that my team has several developer positions available. The job post is not live yet, but it will be shortly. If you are interested and you meet the requirements below, feel free to email me at with the subject “Joining your team“. I will make sure to forward

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Take BLU Acceleration for Cloud for a spin

In the latest edition of DB2 (version 10.5,) IBM introduced a series of new technologies to facilitate high-performance analytics work. They branded it DB2 with BLU Acceleration, due to the multiple approaches employed to improve speed of use and processing. Beyond the cool name and marketing, there is actually quite a bit of interesting

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