Logitech Type+ for iPad Air 2 Review

Last week I bought a keyboard case for my new iPad Air 2. I’ll start with a confession. I truly wanted to hate this keyboard. I hoped it would suck.

Here’s why: ever since I discovered the BrydgeAir keyboard, I wanted to get ahold of one. The gold keyboard would match perfectly with my iPad, almost transforming it into a tiny touchscreen laptop designed by Apple. Unfortunately it’s not available yet and — particularly for Canadians — it looks like it might take a month or more before it will ship. [1]

So I got a little impatient, did my research, and bought a Logitech Type+. I hoped it would suck so that I could tell myself, “OK, you tried it, but it sucks. Let’s just return it and wait until the BrydgeAir becomes available”. Fortunately or unfortunately, such wasn’t the case.

The Logitech Type+ acts as both a protective case for the iPad and as a bluetooth keyboard.

As a case it’s fantastic. The materials are sturdy and well made. Fit and finish are perfect. You can tell that this cover would allow the iPad to take quite a beating before any damage would be likely to occur.

The case, which also embeds a keyboard, is fairly lightweight considering the materials employed, but it definitely adds some weight to your iPad.

The cover is “smart” in the sense that closing it will put the tablet to sleep, and opening it will wake the tablet up.

Logitech Type+ configurations

The design allows the case to fold in on itself in a way that covers the keyboard when using the iPad in tablet mode (A in figure). The keyboard is automatically disabled in such a mode, so there is no need to turn the keyboard on or off.

Turn the cover in landscape mode and you’ll be able to magnetically snap the iPad in place (B in figure, of course). The iPad is securely in place and lays on a rigid base which can be used on your lap if needed. The magnetic connection is strong enough to carry the iPad around with just one hand on the base of the keyboard, but I wouldn’t tempt my luck too much.

The keys are nicely spaced and are very easy to type on. I had absolutely zero fatigue writing entire posts on it. The somewhat concave key shape and slightly rough surface make it very nice to type on. Your fingers never slide by accident. The extra iPad buttons are genuinely useful and often save you from reaching out to touch the screen.

Pairing the keyboard to the tablet via Settings -> Bluetooth was quick and surprisingly painless. Moreover that setup process was required only once. After that the keyboard automatically connects to the iPad. There is no visible latency between a keypress and the character appearing on the screen either, which is really nice.

I can’t speak firsthand about battery life because these keyboards last for months and I’ve only owned mine for a few days now. However, Logitech tend to be pretty good at delivering on their declared specs, which would be three months per charge, assuming a daily average of 2 hours of typing, so I’m optimistic.

If I’m willing to split hairs, for the sake of giving it to you straight, I’ll admit that having a backlight, like Zagg has, would have been useful. Likewise there is only one viewing angle when used as a keyboard, unlike some of the other keyboard cases out there, but it’s a very sensible angle I found, so no complaints there.

In summary, the Logitech Type+ just works. It works as a case, and it works as a keyboard. It’s an all-around joy to use. It performs well on hard surface and can also be used on your lap, in a pinch. Thanks to the Type+, I don’t think I’m ever taking my laptop out to a coffee shop again.

In case you are wondering about the whole Logitech Type+ VS Logitech Ultrathin, let me tell you my opinion. Obviously while researching iPad Air 2 keyboards, I came across the Ultrathin which is another popular keyboard case by Logitech. I considered and wondered about which one was better.

I tried them both in the store and was very underwhelmed by the Ultrathin. [2] It felt cheap and plasticky, and typing on it was not nearly as comfortable. It has multiple viewing angles, but somehow manages to make you iPad not feel very secure when in place. I also disliked that it’s more akin to a smart cover, than an actual case, so your iPad back can still get scratched, and receives very little protection in general.

In summary, the Type+ for iPad Air 2 rocks. It makes me question whether I even want the BrydgeAir when it becomes available here in Canada next year. At this point I’m leaning towards no. I genuinely like this keyboard case as it transformed my iPad in the ideal computing device on the go. [3]

  1. The BrydgeAir in Gold is $250+ when you consider shipping, import fees, and the conversion from US to Canadian dollars. That’s a little rich. Not a deal breaker, but still high enough to be in the back of my mind when making a decision. ^
  2. Whatever you do, make sure that you buy a case specifically made for the iPad Air 2 (if that’s your device as well). There are subtle differences from the iPad Air, including the new one being much thinner, that definitely would affect how well your iPad fit in a case. ^
  3. It’s with me most of the time when I’m out and about thanks to a handy bag that’s similar to this one (just a different color). ^

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