Giveaway: 4 Rails and React.js Ebooks by Arkency

As things went well with my recent giveaway (congratulations to the winner, Tom R.), I figured it would be fun to do another this week. Unlike the previous one however, I’m delighted to report that this this giveaway is open to participants around the world, not just those in the US.

Prize Details

For this week’s giveaway, I’ve partnered with Arkency, a Polish agency that’s comprised of passionate developers who are quite active on various blogs and social media.

Arkency has been putting out a series of interesting ebooks for developers and for this giveaway, I opted to select four ebooks which I feel will appeal to my audience the most. One lucky winner will receive all four ebooks to add to their digital library.

Namely, we have:

Ebooks giveaway
  1. Fearless Refactoring: Rails Controllers: This 227 page ebook focuses on how to improve your controllers, and is full of practical before and after examples of such refactoring.
  2. Frontend-friendly Rails: The name might mislead some, but this is actually a neat book about building APIs in Rails (for complex client side front-ends). Much like the first book, the ebook includes lots of code and practical advice.
  3. Rails meets React.js: React is one of the most promising JavaScript frameworks, and this short ebook provides the information you need to use it in conjunction with Rails.
  4. React.js by example: Once you’ve figured out how to make it work with Rails care of the previous tutorial, it’s time to dive deep into React, by surveying countless examples of UI widgets shown in this ebook.

Although the English in them might not be perfect, I was quite impressed by these ebooks.

First, it was clear that they were written by people who actually write code day in and day out. Second, the examples appeared to be taken straight from real applications, rather than merely being short contrived examples.

If you are interested in improving your Rails code and want to learn more about React, this four ebook bundle will be a great option for you.


Please use the widget below to enter this giveaway. As usual, void where prohibited, you must be 13 years old or older, and all that legal jazz. The giveaway ends next week on Monday night (July 12 at 12:00 am PST time).

The widget should be fairly intuitive for a programmer, but if you get stuck, check out the previous giveaway, as I explained there how the widget works.

In this giveaway, you can gain points for subscribing to my newsletter, Arkency’s newsletter, tweeting, snapchat following, etc. You only need to take any one action to participate, with the rest being optional (though the more you employ, the greater your odds of winning).

Best of luck.

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