Working at IBM

The last three weeks have been very exciting and busy for me; a time of immense change and new beginnings, in a beautiful country where I have the wonderful opportunity and chance to work for the IBM Toronto Software Lab. The lab environment is very stimulating with many smart people who are ready to help each other out, and it is definitely the best place I’ve ever worked in.

I am well aware that there are not many Ruby jobs out there at the moment, so I consider myself lucky as I work with Ruby and Ruby on Rails on a daily basis at IBM.

Speaking of Rails, I am sure many of you know David Heinemeier Hansson has recently announced the release of Rails 1.1.
This release introduces many new features and additions, including a Ruby to Javascript compiler. To upgrade Rails, you can just use the command:

gem update Rails --include-dependencies

Meanwhile for those of you using Windows, Curt Hibbs has also released the RC1 of his One Click Installer.

While I am at it, I want to clarify that: all the opinions expressed in this blog are my own personal opinions and are not endorsed by, nor do they represent the opinions of my employer or any of its affiliates.

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