WordPress 2.5.1 breaks your Atom feed

I just realized that unfortunately WordPress 2.5.1 breaks the Atom feed located at /wp-atom.php or at /feed/atom, which I used as a source for my FeedBurner feed.

This issue has now been resolved, by replacing the source for FeedBurner with /?feed=atom. As a reader, you won’t have to do anything; the last three posts since my upgrade to WP 2.5.1 and new ones that I’ll publish in the future, will now show up in your feed reader as they should.

If you’re in a similar situation, edit FeedBurner’s source to point to https://programmingzen.com/?feed=atom (change it to your own domain name, of course). If you don’t use FeedBurner, but advertise your Atom feed in your blog, change the links accordingly.

I made this short post to alert other bloggers who may not even realize that their readers aren’t receiving any updates, and to apologize to the readers who follow my blog through its feed.

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