Welcome to IBM, Damien Katz

CouchdbIt looks like the new year has started off on the right foot. I just learned that Damien Katz, the mastermind behind CouchDB, is now an IBM employee. Not only that, but he’s being hired specifically to work on CouchDB full time. This is great news, in his own words:

All the code will be Apache licensed and donated to the Apache Software Foundation, with the plan CouchDB will eventually become an official Apache project. A big plus here is the Apache license allows anyone to do pretty much anything with the code, so everything remains truly open source. I wouldn’t have done this without IBM’s commitment to keeping CouchDB open.

A warm welcome to Damien, who is truly a great addition to the IBM family. I’m planning on getting in touch with him through SameTime.

Come to think of it, the fact that CouchDB is a document-oriented database written in Erlang reminds me that with the beginning of the new year, now might just be the right time for me to get into Erlang. Multicores are here, and all that…

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