The Hadoop Programming Challenge Has Been Extended

In the past I’ve mentioned the Hadoop Programming Challenge, which is organized by Big Data University. After quickly registering and taking a free online course on Hadoop, you have the option to use your newly acquired skills to participate in a programming challenge.

Las Vegas logoThe submission deadline has been extended to Monday, October 10th, 11:59pm PST, so there’s still time for you participate, if you wish.

Three participants will be selected for an all-paid trip to IOD in Las Vegas three weeks from now. You don’t have to be a student to participate; professionals and hobbyists are more than welcome to take part, too.

The extension has been granted thanks to the unprecedented level of interest, with almost 2,000 people taking the course (many of whom asked for an extension).

You can take the course and not participate in the challenge, but participating is a good chance to put your knowledge to the test when it comes to solving a real world problem of your choice.

The submissions received so far have been very interesting, and include topics spanning from global warming to calculations on the cup size of fashion models.

If you can think of an application for which MapReduce technology is able find insightful answers amongst a large dataset, consider taking the challenge. Who knows, you might just land yourself a trip to Vegas!

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