The DB2 adapter now supports Django 1.1

This article is obsolete. Please refer to the following articles for up do date instructions: Ruby/Rails and DB2 | Python/Django and DB2. Thank you!

I’m glad to announce that the API team has just released version 1.0.2 of the adapter for Django. And on my birthday to boot, what a nice present. This version extends its support to the recently released Django 1.1, as well as incorporating the feedback that was received earlier on. 🙂 (For installation instructions, take a look at the README file.)

IBM confirms its commitment to support Python and Django, and gives Django well deserved credentials in environments where having IBM’s support counts. Django is becoming an increasingly mature web framework with the potential to do well within the Enterprise world. Having support for DB2 will surely help.

The next step will be working with the Django team to bake DB2 support directly into Django’s releases. The code for the adapter is released under a liberal OSI-compliant license that is compatible with Django’s own BSD, and the API team is more than willing to work on the development and support of the adapter should it become part of Django. We love Django and ponies. Let’s make this happen, guys.

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