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Professional Ruby ConferenceAddison Wesley will hold their first Professional Ruby Conference in Boston, Massachusetts between November 17 and 20, 2008. This conference, for which Obie Fernandez is the Technical Chair, is highly educational and boasts some of the best speakers from the Ruby and Rails communities.

The organizers were kind enough to invite me, offering me a complimentary pass for the Professional Ruby Conference. I won’t be able to attend, so I decided to donate my free admission to one lucky reader. They also provided me with a priority code (like a coupon) for my readers, which entitle you to receive a $200 discount off the regular admission price.

I really value your opinions and I’d appreciate it if you could take this survey, so that I can improve the quality of this blog. At the end of the survey you’ll receive your $200 discount code, and will be entered into my draw for your chance to win one free ticket. I will announce and get in touch with the winner early next week (Monday or Tuesday depending on participation levels).

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