Take BLU Acceleration for Cloud for a spin


In the latest edition of DB2 (version 10.5,) IBM introduced a series of new technologies to facilitate high-performance analytics work. They branded it DB2 with BLU Acceleration, due to the multiple approaches employed to improve speed of use and processing.

Beyond the cool name and marketing, there is actually quite a bit of interesting technology that makes enterprise data warehousing features available to everyone. You can watch a video and read more about the 7 key ideas on the BLU for Cloud site. These include:

  1. Column Organized Storage
  2. Simplicity
  3. Actionable Compression
  4. Core Friendly Parallelism
  5. Vector Processing (SIMD)
  6. Scan Friendly Caching
  7. Data Skipping

You can try all this for free online (well, in the cloud if you prefer) directly through your browser. This saves you from having to install anything on your computer.

If you are curious you can apply for the Early Access Preview and test this thing out today. Sample data is provided for your convenience, but you can also upload your own data to experiment with. Keep in mind that it’s a shared environment, so it’s not recommended that you use it with any sensitive data.

To learn more, you can also attend the upcoming DB2 Tech Talk webinar on the subject, on Thursday the 21st of November, 2013.

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