Selling my old MacBook Pro

A few days ago I placed my old MacBook Pro up for auction on Ebay, with a starting price of $200 and no reserve. While the auction has generated interest, so far there has been only one bidder. The auction ends in a little over two days. If you are interested, please read the description carefully and then bid with confidence. Despite being damaged, a laptop like this is still worth a few hundreds dollars due the sheer amount of working parts in it (CPU, memory, hard-drive, LCD matte screen, new battery, MagSafe adapter, remote control which works with new models too, etc…). It could be used as an extra Mac in your arsenal if utilized through Remote Desktop or repaired. There is also a chance that it could be repaired for free by Apple (though of course I cannot guarantee this point).

Ebay Listing

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  1. Andrew Kendall June 16, 2009

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