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Scaling RailsWithin the Rails community, New Relic is a company that doesn’t need any introductions. They are synonymous with performance and reliability, thanks to their RPM product for monitoring, detecting, and fixing Rails application performance problems in real time.

What everybody may not have noticed though, is that New Relic started something called RailsLab, a site in which they publish videos and other useful information about scaling and improving the performance of Rails applications.

The first series, known as Scaling Rails, produced in collaboration with my friend Gregg Pollack, is absolutely impressive. The following is a list of the videos they’ve posted so far (they’re also available through iTunes):

  1. Introduction
  2. Page Responsiveness
  3. Page Caching
  4. Chache Expiration
  5. New Relic RPM
  6. Advanced Page Caching
  7. Action Caching
  8. Fragment Caching
  9. Memcahed
  10. Taylor Weibley & Databases
  11. Client-side Caching
  12. Additional HTTP Caching

I was surprised to see so little mention of these fantastic short tutorials in the blogosphere. These videos are a gold mine of information, which is made all the more better by the fact that they’re entirely free. Do yourself a favor and check out these awesome clips, they’re well worth your time.

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