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UPDATE: IBM has now released an official version of the search plugin for DB2 8 and DB2 9. You are strongly advised to install it from here
. On that page, click on ‘DB2 9 Information Center OpenSearch plugin’ or ‘DB2 UDB V8 Information Center OpenSearch plugin’ depending on what version(s) you want.

The following text no longer applies:

The DB2 Information Center is an indispensable resource when working with DB2 and can be an excellent reference. I also happen to like the search bar in Firefox a lot, so I decided to enable the search of DB2 documentation by adding it as an extra search engine. I find it very fast and useful. It works with both Firefox and IE7.


  1. Visit this page
    (where the autodiscovery is enabled);
  2. In the drop down list you should find the standard search engines and the Add “DB2 Search” entry that you can click (don’t worry about the Rails icon, it won’t be installed):

At this point you can search the DB2 documentation directly from your search bar. You may double-check that DB2 Search is now part of the listed search engines:

Internet Explorer 7

The procedure for IE7 is very similar.

  1. Visit this page
  2. Click on “DB2 Search” as shown in figure:

  3. Click “Add Provider” in the dialog box that appears:

At this point you are done. You’ll see the following when clicking on the drop down list:

I hope you’ll find this useful. 😉

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