New Book and YouTube Channel

In 2012, I wrote the first edition of Technical Blogging. A book meant for programmers and other technical folks. Many gave it glowing reviews and expressed appreciation for it. So I’m quite happy with how it turned out.

Seven years is a long time, however, especially on the internet. So last year I set out to create a new edition. One that would incorporate major Internet shifts as well as everything I have personally learned since the first edition.

Announcing Technical Blogging (2nd Edition)

I’m happy to announce that Technical Blogging (2nd Edition) is finally in print. You can buy it today from the publisher or from Amazon.

Holding my latest book

If you’re looking to get greater recognition and amplify your influence online, get this book. It will teach you all you realistically need to know to succeed and benefit from sharing the skills you already have.

A pleasant side effect of having wrapped up the book is that I’ll finally be able to go back to blogging more regularly, so expect a lot more content on this blog soon.

Launching Tony on Tech

Speaking of content, I believe that video is going to continue to grow in popularity and I advocate leveraging it within Technical Blogging. So I’m taking a page out of my own book and have started experimenting with video content on YouTube.

I launched a channel called Tony on Tech, where I plan to discuss programming and technical topics, as well as content marketing. If this interests you, subscribe and hit that bell to get notifications from YouTube.

Tony on Tech YouTube channel.
My new tech YouTube channel

I’m actually running an experiment, in which I’m launching three channels concurrently. The others two being a personal channel (that I revamped to focus on self-improvement) and an outdoors channel. I’m sharing them here, just in case these topics interest you.

Stay tuned and talk to you soon. 🙂

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