Jenga Driven Development

Over the years I’ve coined a few new programming related terms that are meaningless to other people, but which make sense to me (as they concisely describe certain programming concepts). Sometimes these homemade words have taken off among my colleagues as well, however others remain for the most part just tokens of my own nomenclature.

One of my personal favorites is the term Jenga Driven Development (JDD). I define it as the act of developing complex software without the aid of automated testing. It’s essentially the radical opposite of Test Driven Development.

I call this concept as such because performing maintenance and introducing code changes to large code bases that were developed in such a manner usually leads to the same hesitation and feelings one experiences when trying to remove a piece from a tower of Jenga blocks.

Jenga Driven Development
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I think it would be cool if this term were to ever catch on, and as such I’m throwing it out there for you to use if you’d like.

What programming terms, if any, have you coined over the years? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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