IBM’s Python and DB2 drivers released

This article is obsolete. Please refer to the following articles for up do date instructions: Ruby/Rails and DB2 | Python/Django and DB2. Thank you!

I’m glad to inform you that the beta version of the Python and DB2 (IBM databases to be more exact) driver and DBI wrapper have been released in the Python Package Index. You can download the source for version 0.1.0 from here. This includes two components:

  • An IBM defined API based driver to access IBM databases (entirely similar to the Ruby and PHP ones)
  • A Python DBI based wrapper to access IBM databases

The DBI wrapper utilizes the IBM defined API driver, but you can also use the feature-rich API indipendently without the DBI wrapper.

I plan to provide a few examples about the usage of the IBM specific API. The Python driver is almost identical to the Ruby one, hence I may create a joined post for both languages. Now go try it and have fun. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send an email to the address

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