IBM’s crazy DB2 videos. What do you think?

IBM is clearly synonymous with the term “Enterprise”, but I can testify that working here means interacting with many cool, down to earth people who are passionate about their profession. They are not the “corporate drones” that you’d expect. I sometimes think that there is a divide between the image of IBM and the reality of a company that’s mostly comprised of young people having fun while working hard.

Reading comments on sites like Slashdot or Reddit I see that IBM is often unfairly treated, despite being a champion of Open Source, with contributions in excess of those of Google and Amazon combined.

So I’m glad to see that IBM is not “taking itself too seriously” with a series of ads, campaigns and initiatives that portray a less rigid image. The silly “servers taking over” ads are examples of this.

More recently IBM has put out a few “unusual” videos about DB2 Express-C:

So I’d like to ask you to share your opinions about them. Are they “cool” and funny, or are they goofy and just trying too hard?

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  1. Nuno Job June 26, 2008
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