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Today I’m announcing a pet project of mine that I think may interest some of my readers. Any new books? is a free notification service which enables you to subscribe to a series of subjects that interest you and receive weekly emails about new book releases in those categories.

These books are hand-selected, to filter out obvious duds, and include only books that appear to be promising/interesting. Naturally I have included programming among the 42 available categories.

And before you ask, I’ll clear this up from the get-go. 🙂 This differs from Amazon’s newsletters, because it’s far more systematic. With this service you can be in the loop when it comes to subjects you really care about. I believe Amazon’s occasional newsletters are more targeted to what you’ve recently purchased/viewed (useful, but not the same type of service).

I think this is a useful service, which by the way is absolutely free to use. Try it out.

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