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Typo and I are through. I had way too many problems while running Typo and after countless availability issues I’ve finally decided to port the existing contents over to WordPress. In case you are wondering – yes – I’m favoring a PHP application over a Rails one and I don’t find it ironic. WordPress is the right tool for the job. It could have been written in Wasabi and I would still use it.

What does this mean for you, the reader?

I’ve moved this blog to my server which is hosted at LiquidWeb. This should resolve downtime issues, fix the existing problems with the comment system, improve performances and provide you with an overall better user experience. I’ve successfully adopted a similar configuration with my popular Math Blog and have experienced no problems at all. The user interface is slightly different, and so is the adopted theme, but I’m sure you’ll will get used to it very quickly.

Another small change is that all comments are now moderated before being published. Unfortunately there are many despicable individuals on the Internet, and there is no place for their insults and childish behavior on this website. As argued by others before comment systems are often abused and anonymity tends to bring out the worst out of people. That said I love to receive your feedback and most of you enrich the discussion and provide valuable additions to the original article.

For a fairly popular – but not huge – site like this, it makes sense to approve comments manually, cutting down on SPAM or downright trollish comments. For example, one sad individual insulted me and wished me to die in a comment on my last article. Sorry pal, not on my blog. From now on, I’ll spare you the time it takes to extract insightful comments from a mix of idiotic ones. However please note that that this is not an attempt to silence dissent, you are welcome to disagree with my points if you do so in a polite and civilized manner.

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All the articles and comments have been imported and existing links shouldn’t have been broken in the switch, because the appropriate redirects are in place. In particular, both Typo’s old feeds, and WordPress’ current feed are redirected to my new feed provider, FeedBurner. I adopted FeedBurner for the advantage it gives me of having statistics regarding the large portion of my readership that follows my articles through their feed reader of choice.

Despite the redirects in place, I strongly suggest that you subscribe now to my new feed for the articles, and the feed for the comments. You can also subscribe by email, in order to receive every article as it gets published. Should you find any problems with the new system, please report them by contacting me.

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