Are you interested in a DB2 driver for Lua?

lua_logo.pngAccording to Wikipedia, Lua is “a lightweight, reflective, imperative and procedural language, designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal”. It is employed by Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and many other programs, particularly in the gaming industry (where it excels). Lua has a proven track record and it is far from a toy language, but I wonder, outside of game development, how popular is Lua really?

According to the TIOBE index, from September 2006 to September 2007, Lua managed to jump from the 50th most popular language to the 18th. Even if TIOBE’s accuracy is debatable, it still shows an interesting surge in Lua adoption.

Do you use Lua? If so, for what kind of projects? DB2 Express-C is all about empowering developers, hence if there is a concrete need and request for a Lua driver for DB2 9, we would eagerly like to hear from you. Please use the comments to express your interest and opinions.

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