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ThinkCode.TV's alienTen days ago I mentioned ThinkCode.TV, my startup on the side, the aim of which will be to produce high quality screencasts about programming, both in English and Italian. My two co-founders and I are relatively well known in Italy, so I was expecting the announcement to generate some buzz in my home country. What surprised me though was finding out that my informal pre-announcement generated quite a bit of interest in the English-speaking world as well.

In fact, over the past few days I have been contacted by several people who were curious about ThinkCode, some of whom asked me to send them an email when we release English content. Meanwhile, we found our second native English speaker (who’s a very solid programmer) who agreed to work with us to narrate and create original English videos.

It’s clear that things are moving fast and we realized that the presence of two distinct product lines, one in English and one in Italian, generally appeals to two different audiences. As such having a single (Italian) newsletter just won’t cut it. So today, we are pleased to announce our English newsletter, which I invite you to join if you want to stay in the loop. We haven’t decided yet if we are going the “private beta” route or not, but joining today will guarantee you early access if we do.

This way, English speakers can join our English newsletter (where only English content will be announced or discussed), and Italians on the other hand can continue to join our Italian newsletter (in which both Italian and English content will be announced in Italian; this to account for the fact that some Italians may be interested in purchasing products that are available in English only).

We’re really excited by positive responses we’ve already received and are really looking forward to providing you with amazing educational material. If you are interested in becoming an author, are a company who would like to strike up a partnership with us so that we can adapt and sell your videos in Italian, or simply would like to get in touch, please drop us a line at

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