Monthly Archive:: June 2008

Heads up regarding the shootout

Call it Murphy’s law if you will, but over the weekend my MacBook Pro’s charger cord developed a nasty rip (see photo). I tried electrical tape and other (potentially) “unsafe” measures, but to no avail. My laptop has no charge and is essentially dead. I’ve ordered a new MagSafe power adapter and it should

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Review of the screencast series The Ruby Object Model and Metaprogramming (episodes 1-3)

Even if you’re new to the Ruby community, you are unlikely not to have heard about the Pragmatic Programmers, who are well reputed for publishing great programming books. You may not have noticed that lately though, they’ve also been releasing several series of screencasts. Each episode lasts about half an hour and sells for

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Let’s create a Ruby Benchmark Suite

My previous post about MagLev and the planning of the next Ruby shootout received a lot of attention. MagLev’s speed claims have been subject to a lot of skepticism, and many believe that these impressive figures are due to a combination of clever optimization for trivial tests and incompleteness. The skepticism is understandable. There

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