Monthly Archive:: January 2008

Great Ruby and Rails books

I finally got around to updating my recommended Ruby book page. I decided to split it and create two new pages, one for Ruby and the other for Rails. These include new gems (pardon the pun) such as Obie‘s The Rails Way (best book on Rails currently in print) and the fantastic Design Patterns

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Zed’s Show

Why is everyone picking on the guy, he’s obviously afflicted with Tourettes. šŸ˜› On a more serious note, I wrote about my thoughts on this matter in my Italian online magazine. This post could easily be considered the extended version of War and Peace and therefore, despite being quite interesting in my opinion, I

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Welcome to IBM, Damien Katz

It looks like the new year has started off on the right foot. I just learned that Damien Katz, the mastermind behind CouchDB, is now an IBM employee. Not only that, but he’s being hired specifically to work on CouchDB full time. This is great news, in his own words: All the code will

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