Monthly Archive:: January 2006

Ruby Cookbook: Rough Cuts Version

Currently online O’Reilly is selling the rough cuts version (basically the beta version) of the Ruby Cookbook. It’s a pleasure to see that many good books about Ruby are being published. This book authored by Leonard Richardson and Lucas Carlson is particularly special to me. In fact, I have contributed to the book with

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Ruby rocks and Java sucks?

Many hackers are quite religious about their programming language of choice, but I’m not. Whenever possible I try to be rational about things that matter to me. For this reason you won’t hear me saying things like: “Ruby rocks, Java sucks!”. Indeed Ruby rocks, but it does so for me, for the kind of

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Rails Hosting review

March 2010 update: Please understand that this post is very old and completely outdated. The Rails hosting spectrum has changed drastically over the past few years. Read updated reviews here: The Best Ruby on Rails Hosting Services During the last couple of days I’ve been searching for a good Rails hosting solution at an

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