10 Programming Challenges Sites

My previous post about using Project Euler to experiment with new programming languages, or learn programming altogether, was for the most part met with positive feedback online.

Code WarsThe common theme amongst those who didn’t love it however, was that Project Euler is too math-focused and not very real-world oriented (unless you mostly do math research). Commenters on various social sites also recommended alternative challenges/exercises/katas sites for programmers.

As such I decided to compile a list from those that were suggested:

  1. Code Wars
  2. Hacker Rank
  3. Top Coder
  4. Reddit Daily Programmer
  5. 99 [Prolog | LISP | Haskell | Perl | OCaml] Problems
  6. Rosalind
  7. Exercism
  8. CodeKata
  9. RubyQuiz
  10. 4Clojure

There you have it. This list is by no means exhaustive and it should be noted, as suggested by someone else in the comments on my previous post, working on your own problems is also a great approach. Nevertheless, these sites should inspire you and keep you busy for a long time if you are up for a fun challenge.

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