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New look and feel. Do you like it?

Those who follow this blog through the feed, may not have noticed it, but over the weekend I had a chance to revamp the look of Zen and the Art of Programming. I used a WordPress theme I’d already employed on Math Blog and customized it, basing my changes on the suggestions of the participants of my earlier survey on the subject. I’m not a web designer by any means, but I’m quite happy with the way it looks and the overall clean feel this new layout lends the site. What do you think about it?

While at it, I also updated my About page and added a thumbnail of the cover of my book to the sidebar. I finished writing Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers a couple of months ago and am now waiting for Wrox to do their magic and get it into stores. The book should leave Wrox’s warehouse towards the end of this month and reach customers in early April. But I’ll talk about my book and the subject of writing a technical book more in future posts.

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6 Responses to “New look and feel. Do you like it?”

  1. Alain Yap says:

    It sure has a clean feel to it and it’s nice, Antonio. Somehow, I can still picture the old theme that I’ve grown too familiar with also.

    Great thing about it as that you’re still passionate about putting down your thoughts and sharing it. Please continue to do so. [+1 for the Math blog as I do need to brush up on that too for my kid]


  2. riffraff says:

    mh.. I do feel the former had a slightly warmer feel.. but this is not bad either :)

  3. It’s quite nice, but if I may I could tell that feels a bit more “noisy” than the previous one. This one is surely technically more readable (font, etc) but the previous one felt better organized.

    It’s just a perception thing, and I shouldn’t be influenced by the previous design since I usually read you through the aggregator. 😛

  4. antirez says:

    Hello Antonio! I like this new look better. Still I think there are a few elements that don’t perfectly fit with the new look but well probably an evolutionary process is in act :)

    After all what really matters is that you write here as Alain already said. See you on twitter.

  5. Rails Jobs says:

    Nice one. My friend is a .Net programmer learning Rails. I’ll be sure to forward through a reference to your new book!

  6. Cleaner… and I appreciate it. Um… now some thoughts about re-facing *my own* blog are borning :)

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