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Ruby and Rails books, two years later (photo)

Two years ago:

Java vs. Ruby


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23 Responses to “Ruby and Rails books, two years later (photo)”

  1. Currently reading “The Rails Way” … awesome book.

  2. Gary Blomquist says:

    Where’s Ruby for Rails, Beginning Ruby, The Ruby Programming Language, Ruby for Java Programmers, Ruby By Example, Practical Ruby Gems, Enterprise Integration with Ruby, Everyday Scripting with Ruby, Ruby on Rails Up and Running, Best of Ruby Quiz … : )

  3. Gary Blomquist says:

    … Practical Rails Projects, Practical Ruby Projects, Pro Active Record, Advanced Rails, Professional Ruby on Rails, Simply Rails, …

  4. Rob Olson says:

    Oh NO! That used to be the reason I went to Rails from Java. Based on the book stack they’re pretty much equally as complicated (I know that’s not true but still).


  5. Alex says:

    The Ruby Programming Language by Matz et al is missing. Gotta have that one.

  6. Andrew says:

    What you need to do Java is still much larger than what you need to do ruby!

  7. roarke says:

    Hmmm, I don’t see “The Ruby Programming Language”.

  8. Guys, I’m not a bookstore. 😀 Those are just a few titles which I own. Of course, there are many more out there.

  9. The ruby programming language should be your next one

  10. Tomas says:

    It’s not the amount of books available that matters — it’s the amount of books necessary to get an understanding of the full framework and environments.

    That still makes it two books for Ruby and Rails.

  11. Tomas, of course I agree. The post is tongue in cheek. 😛

  12. Manish says:

    That post made by browser choppy….
    Nice pic…

  13. Clarence Odbody says:

    I seem to have taken this post differently than everyone else. I took it to indicate how much Rails and Ruby have grown in popularity. If it’s popular the books always follow.

    When “Rails Unleashed” comes out then it’s time to move on. 😉

  14. madx says:

    By the way, there’s only one awesome Ruby book and it’s why’s (poignant) guide to Ruby 😛

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  17. Eric says:

    I wrote a joke about this 6 months ago:

    How many Ruby developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


    One to screw it in, and two to write books about it.

  18. “The Rails Way” is a great book.

  19. I’m not so sure either if this sign is good or bad.

  20. Ehehe RoR rocks! Ehi Antonio what do u know about ARAX?

  21. adit says:

    next book : Agile Web Development with Merb 😀

    i wonder when ezra and teams will finish that thing

  22. Scott says:

    Haha, what made you decide that you liked ruby so much over Java? I used Ruby on Rails for a while, but then went back to PHP.

    Kind regards,

  23. Chris says:

    Just like to say love the blog *linking to it now* and I would have to say the java to ruby migration was a GREAT IDEA xP

    (assuming it was a true migration, not just a liquidation sale)

    Will definitly be reading furthur into your blog.

    Keep it up :)

  24. Chris says:

    it shows I posted of windows!
    *hides face in shame*

  25. Scary … your bookshelf is morphing into my bookshelf !!!

    What I actually find more interesting is that my bookshelf is becoming less of an “O’Reilly only”, although I still can’t live without my Perl books, and now seems to much more favour Pragmatic and Manning.

    But top of the heap is now “The Rails Way” : bought it a month or so ago and it is now the one Rails book I could not do without.

    Just a pity it is also the only one which is only available electronically in a crippled format which I can’t access on my Linux laptop.

    I bought all the Pragmatic books in the “Print and PDF” double offer, so they can go everywhere my laptop goes.

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