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IBM is Looking for a University Student with PHP skills in Toronto

My team is looking for a student for a paid internship, which will last for up to 18 months. The candidate should be legally permitted to work in Canada, as the location for this internship will be the IBM Toronto Software Lab in Markham, Ontario.

PHP is a required skill for this position. If you have experience with cloud computing (Amazon EC2), relational databases, open source contribution, and/or Moodle, that would be great. Part of your internship responsibilities will involve contributing to open source projects.

If you are interested, please get in touch by email at: Y2FuZ2lhbm9AY2EuaWJtLmNvbQ== (Base 64 encoded.)

IBM Toronto Software LabImage used with the permission of Christopher Lord.

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2 Responses to “IBM is Looking for a University Student with PHP skills in Toronto”

  1. Andrew Champ says:

    Clever way to put the email up. Great idea @acangiano.

  2. stefano luchetti says:

    Al colloquio parti ovviamente dalla domanda nro 2. La prima l’hai già fatta! 😉

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