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IBM_DB 2.5.0 with support for Rails 3 is out

This is a tiny post to let you know that IBM just released version 2.5.0 of the IBM_DB gem with support for the upcoming Rails 3. That’s what I call both proactive and a true testament of IBM’s commitment towards DB2 on Rails.

Aside from providing a working adapter and driver before the new framework release is even out, this release has a few improvements and fixes, such as getting rid of a minor bug related to prepared statements and has_many associations.

Finally, ibm_db 2.5 improves upon Unicode integration with support for any encoding format that’s permitted by Ruby 1.9.

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One Response to “IBM_DB 2.5.0 with support for Rails 3 is out”

  1. dressguard says:

    This is incredible news. I will dump Mysql and use DB2 from now on! I am not a very big fan of IBM but what they did for the Rails community with their DB2 is simply fantastic! WOW!!! Thank you IBM!

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