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DB2 support for Django 1.2 is here

The latest release of the IBM Adapter for Django now supports Django 1.2. Aside from enabling you to use the most recent version of Django, this release adds a few new goodies into the mix, that I’m sure many will appreciate.

For example, IBM’s adapter (through the underlying DBI wrapper) now uses persistent connections, which are especially helpful when dealing with Django – as it lacks connection pooling. (Of course DB2 also has the Connection Concentrator to aid in reducing the usage of server resources and improving scalability.)

Furthermore, the adapter adds support for the DECIMAL datatype, a necessary feature when dealing with money and currencies. Various enhancements and bug fixes were included too; check them out on Google Groups.

As a reminder, DB2 Express-C is an absolutely free of charge version of DB2 and it’s production ready (not a toy version). You can download it from here. Take it for a spin, experiment – chances are you’ll like it. If you need a guide to getting started, be sure to check out this free e-book by my colleagues Raul, Ian, and Rav.

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10 Responses to “DB2 support for Django 1.2 is here”

  1. apollo13 says:

    What about informix support in the django adapter?

  2. Bingimar says:

    you still need to install db2 on the machine that hosts the code to connect to the db2 server?

  3. sitepedia says:

    wow, it’s wonderful, but it will be a better news if Django could possiblely support MongoDB

  4. @Bingimar:
    I don’t think you need DB2 on the Django machine.

    At most, you’ll need the IBM Data Server Client for ODBC and CLI:

  5. Herick Moniz says:


    Is it possible to use this driver to connect to a iSeries As400 db2 server ? Do we need some software installed on the server side ?

    I got the Db2 express version running on my development computer but I got not look to connect to our Ibm server yet.

    Any idea where I could find some help?

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