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Screencast on how to install DB2 Express-C on Mac OS X

Over the weekend I recorded a screencast on how to install DB2 on Mac OS X. You can watch it below:

Installing DB2 on Mac OS X from Antonio Cangiano on Vimeo.

The blog post I reference within the video can be found here. Yes, that’s an Italian accent. I hope you don’t mind it. šŸ˜‰

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10 Responses to “Screencast on how to install DB2 Express-C on Mac OS X”

  1. Very nice and clear screencast, and also very professional.

    I’m curious about what equipment did you use to record it (specially the voice). I did a few but the voice has always come out bad (background noise, breathing, …)

  2. Very nice screencast! I would never have read any written instructions, but i do enjoy a good screencast! Good to see DB2 working – the syntax is very readable isn’t it? And yay – no semicolons!

  3. @Luca: Thank you very much, Luca. And consider that Vimeo butchered the quality of the original in their conversion process. I purchased quite a bit of equipment to produce screencasts, because I’m planning to create and sell Italian screencasts about programming. It’s going to be a project/startup I’ll talk more about in the future. Some of those screencasts may be of interest to you, so stay tuned.

    To answer your question. The key for me was to buy a professional-ish condenser microphone. I tried 4 different microphones, and only one of them was up to par. For me, an Audio Technica 2020 USB attached to a heavy Samson desktop stand to reduce vibrations, did the trick. In Europe, you can order them from the UK where you’ll pay roughly 150 euros.

    @Aimee: Thanks! I appreciate your comment.

  4. Nice screencast, the installation is simple, but with this video it’s easier.
    Now I’m waiting for the new DB2 9.7 for mac :)

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  9. Anatole says:

    Thank you for the great screencast.
    Unfortunately, I cannot install DB2.
    I am getting the following message:-bash: ./db2setup: Permission denied
    on 2 macs one is Mac OS X 10.7.3, the other is MAC OS X 10.6.8
    Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

  10. Anatole says:

    Thank you for the quick response.
    I’ve tried it and now I am getting the following message:

    ./db2setup: line 220: /var/root/downloaddirector/exp/db2/macos/bin/db2prereqcheck: Permission denied
    ./db2setup: line 101: /var/root/downloaddirector/exp/db2/macos/install/../bin/db2usrinf: Permission denied

  11. Anatole says:

    Hi Antonio,
    I am getting the following message:
    -sh: ./db2setup: Permission denied

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