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Better Software 2009 and Pycon Italia Tre

In May I will be presenting at two conferences in Italy. The first is called Better Software 2009; it’s dedicated to the world of software development, Agile methodologies, Web 2.0 and a bunch of other buzzword compliant technologies. This conference will be held on May 6 and 7 in sunny Florence. If you speak Italian and happen to be in Europe, you can register here. Italian conferences tend to be fairly cheap, so you’ll be able to attend one day for 160 Euros or both days for 280 Euros. The price is even lower if you are a student or your company is purchasing multiple tickets. Also the first ten readers who register with the following coupon 3DNMFKNM will receive a 10% discount (I don’t receive commission for this). At “Better Software” I’ll be giving a talk about the world of startups.

Pycon Italia 3If you don’t speak Italian, you may still be interested in the second conference which is being held at the same hotel in Florence from May 8 to the 10th. The main track of Pycon Italia Tre, is in fact, being simultaneously translated into/from English/Italian. I will be presenting a spin-off that’s geared towards Python, of the talk I’m giving giving at Better Software at this conference, which will feature the very provocative title “Getting rich with Python”. Most of the audience will be composed of Italian speakers, so I’ll be presenting in my mother tongue and a real-time English translation will be provided. I’ll be among some notable company at Pycon Italia, such as Guido van Rossum, Alex Martelli (Google), Raymond Hettinger, David Boddie (QT Software), Ariya Hidayat (QT Software) and Fredrik Lundh (aka effbot), who will be speaking publically about Unladen Swallow (Google’s LLVM-based upcoming project that’s geared towards drastically improving the speed of CPython) for the first time ever. With the exception of Alex (who like myself, will be speaking Italian and have his presentation translated in English), all of the names above will be presenting in English (with a translation in Italian to be provided for those who require it).

Whatever your language, if you are in Europe, Pycon Italia Tre is definitely worth attending, especially when you consider the ridiculously low admission price (€60 for non-students or €40 for students, including tax) – which includes two buffet lunches, four coffee breaks, free Wi-Fi access, a free T-Shirt, free gadgets and randomly selected prizes. Plus, there will be all sorts of social activities and opportunities to hang out. If you plan to attend, register now before all the tickets have sold out.

I hope to see, and have the chance to meet, you in Florence!

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2 Responses to “Better Software 2009 and Pycon Italia Tre”

  1. antirez says:

    Hello Antonio!

    I hope I’ll be able to attend this conferences and meet you there. They are a bit expansive, it’s a shame that my girlfriend lived in Florence until some month ago and now moved here in Sicily. Btw I’ll keep you informed via twitter but I could love to be there especially for “better software” conference.

    For Python it makes sense only if I can speak about Redis since otherwise I’m a Ruby guy.

  2. Alif says:

    I keep thinking D looks nice, but I’ve never had a need.IMHO, CPython’s pancormerfe is is good enough . Once you reach that threshold, it’s hard to get excited about squeezing out more. Yes, it would be great if it performed much better than it does, and I’m sure there are plenty of places for optimization. But, most programs written in Python do just fine and those that need some pancormerfe help can just follow the steps I outlined above in specific areas of their code.PyPy has a ways to go before it can truly replace CPython. It will certainly be exciting if it reaches that point. Oddly, in the meantime, Python will actually be getting a bit *slower* with the release of 3.0. But, again, CPython’s pancormerfe is good enough for most applications.

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