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Heads up regarding the shootout

Call it Murphy’s law if you will, but over the weekend my MacBook Pro’s charger cord developed a nasty rip (see photo). I tried electrical tape and other (potentially) “unsafe” measures, but to no avail. My laptop has no charge and is essentially dead. I’ve ordered a new MagSafe power adapter and it should be here in a few days (I hope).

This means that the shootout testing that was planned for tomorrow (the 24th), will have to wait just a few days. On the bright side, this should give you time to send us more benchmarks. 😛

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6 Responses to “Heads up regarding the shootout”

  1. Jo Vermeulen says:

    I had the same problem with my Powerbook G4 adapter. Biggest annoyance for me was that a new one costs about 70 Euros (~108$) :-s

  2. Brian says:

    Had the same problem with mine too, it looks like. Some sort of short caused mine, which melted the casing. I think it’s happening to my new one too… which sucks since yeah, they’re reallllly expensive to replace :(

  3. Joshua B says:

    You should be able to get a new one from Apple, if it’s still under warranty. I had the same thing happen to me last month, and they replaced it. They claimed it was caused from yanking the cord out too much, and limited me to one replacement for the life of my warranty.

  4. Eric Cranston says:

    Haha. I have tape holding my PowerBook G4 cord together, a replacement (off eBay for 20 bucks.) is in the mail. I was at an Apple Store last Friday but a new one was 80…too much.

    I hope it comes before this cord gives out completely.

  5. Matt Platte says:

    I was lucky; mine rotted several inches away from the end. I cut the wire apart and soldered the clean ends together. That was challenging and I did a rather poor job of it, but it works!

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  7. Dan Mayer says:

    That happened to my cofounder he stripped the wire a bit and used electrical tape to keep the pieces from touching. Then his charger worked again. He still went ahead and ordered a new charger, but it worked as a good back up for awhile.

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