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Italian Ruby book and cool suggested reading

I’m glad to announce that Ruby per applicazioni web has been published by Apogeo. This is the first Ruby book written in Italian and I was a contributor as a technical reviewer and author of an appendix about Ruby and DB2. As you can see my name is only located inside the book and not on the cover, because while international publishers are usually glad to add contributors to the cover page, however in this case the Italian publisher decided to only include the main author’s name on the cover.
You can read Lawrence’s rant about this here. I don’t see this as a personal blow though, what really matters is that Ruby is booming across the globe, and creating a revolution in the development world and that we now have an Italian book to help my fratelli d’Italia.

While on the subject, there are a few remarkable books that I’m currently reading or have just finished reading, and I’d like to recommend them to my visitors:

  • Ruby cookbook, yes, I’m biased as I contributed to this book, but it’s really a great tome rich in great programming examples to solve common tasks
  • Ocean Sea, ok not a technical book, and I actually read it a few years ago, but it’s a beautiful novel from one of my favourite Italian writers who deserves to be better known internationally

While listing books, these are some of the books I plan to read in the next few months, straight from my Amazon wish list (feel free to help slim it down :-P):

Should any author or publishing house be interested in having me read and provide a thorough, unbiased review of these titles or related work, I’m available to do so, and can be reached by email. I will gladly publish my review in this blog and on amazon 😉

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2 Responses to “Italian Ruby book and cool suggested reading”

  1. Lorenzo says:

    Cool dude! I’m going to check this out.

  2. Kyle says:

    Great list of books. I actually picked up both Ruby for Rails and Rails Recipes last month, and I totally agree with you! Ruby for Rails was the “missing link” for me; now I understand the Rails code I write 😉

    The Long Tail – almost bought it last week, but instead got The Tipping Point (another great book so far). I’ll be picking up The Long Tail as soon as I finish!

    (Also eagerly awaiting the Django book. The company I just started with is most likely going to use Django for their new product, so that gives me a great excuse to buy the book and learn some Python too!)

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