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Typo and Lucid theme error

The Typo theme ‘Lucid’ seems to generate an error when used with the latest version (trunk) of Typo. In order to solve this, simply replace the following code in your /typo/themes/lucid/layouts/default.rhtml file:

<%= render_component(:controller => 'sidebars/sidebar',
:action => 'display_plugins') %>


<% benchmark "BENCHMARK: layout/sidebars" do %>
  <%= render_sidebars %>
<% end %>

This should fix it. 😉

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2 Responses to “Typo and Lucid theme error”

  1. Jacob Fugal says:

    Why the benchmark wrapper? Is that required to make it work, or just a suggestion? :)

  2. Hi Jacob,
    it’s just a suggestion :)
    The default theme ‘Azure’ has the wrapper, so I thought it’d be a consistent behaviour to keep it in other themes. 😉

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