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Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails Update

We just released an update for the Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails.
A few changes:

  • Compatible with the other adapters. It solves a nasty issue which used to previously cause problems when using other adapters;
  • If a schema is omitted, the username is now used by default (thanks for the suggestion, Edd );
  • Improved error messages. In most cases, error message now provide DB2 CLI error codes and messages;
  • Better index handling.

Please update your system (the first point of the list above is quite critical). Just click on All Programs → DB2 on Rails → Check for Updates.

How do you do a quick manual update?

If you have already installed the first release of DB2onRails, you can just download (160 Kb) and replace the file ibm_db2_adapter.rb in


(or equivalent on your system) with this new one.

You can join us in the alphaWorks forum

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One Response to “Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails Update”

  1. Harry says:

    I am looking forward to an iSeries connector for DB2 on Rails. In the mean time I will be experimenting with DB2 Connect on both Windows and Linux. I wish you luck and Happy Holidays.

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