Monthly Archive:: May 2009

Of labels and limits

In an attempt to satisfy our need for identity and belonging, we desperately try to wear as many labels as possible, and to a certain extent labels are a necessity. When people ask you what you do for a living, it’s far easier to reply “I’m a computer programmer” than to try and explain

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TextMate bundle for DB2

Before leaving on a recent business trip to Italy I begun working on a TextMate bundle for DB2. Here I’ll introduce it in the hope that it will interest some TextMate and DB2 users. Installation There are two simple prerequisites for using this bundle: 1) Install DB2 as a regular user (not root); 2)

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Memoization in Ruby and Python

Wikipedia defines memoization as “an optimization technique used primarily to speed up computer programs by having function calls avoid repeating the calculation of results for previously-processed inputs.”. This typically means caching the returning value of a function in a dictionary of sorts using the parameters passed to the function as a key. This is

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