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Get weekly emails about new Programming books

Today I’m announcing a pet project of mine that I think may interest some of my readers. Any new books? is a free notification service which enables you to subscribe to a series of subjects that interest you and receive weekly emails about new book releases in those categories.

These books are hand-selected, to filter out obvious duds, and include only books that appear to be promising/interesting. Naturally I have included programming among the 42 available categories.

And before you ask, I’ll clear this up from the get-go. :) This differs from Amazon’s newsletters, because it’s far more systematic. With this service you can be in the loop when it comes to subjects you really care about. I believe Amazon’s occasional newsletters are more targeted to what you’ve recently purchased/viewed (useful, but not the same type of service).

I think this is a useful service, which by the way is absolutely free to use. Try it out.

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10 Responses to “Get weekly emails about new Programming books”

  1. Mark says:

    Is there going to be an RSS option? I’m interested but not too big on getting this kind of information via email.


  2. Isaac Gouy says:

    > only books that appear to be
    > promising/interesting

    Judging from the cover or from having read the book? 😉

    • It’s not a recommendation service and it would be impossible to read the books that were released 2 day before. :) Think of it as a human filter which is based on title, cover, publisher, author, number of pages, description of the book, and reviews (if already available). This doesn’t mean that there won’t be crappy books among the new releases sent out, but that the ratio will be lower than the raw list of titles that come out every week.

  3. Preets says:

    Looking forward to my first email alert!

  4. Piero Campanelli says:

    Terrific !

  5. Preets says:

    I have been receiving the updates, for the past few weeks and was just wondering if it would be possible to get like a one liner on WHY this book has been selected.

    Not for every book, but for the ones marked “*our staff pick*” maybe? Nothing elaborate, but just a simple line – e.g. “first book on the subject X”

    Just some feedback !

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