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Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers available for pre-order on

Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers is now available for pre-order on Contrary to what the Amazon page states, the publication date is planned for the middle of December, not January. Similarly, the description is quite messed up and loosely based on the first outline. It almost makes it sound like a book on Ruby as opposed to one on Rails. In reality, only two chapters are dedicated to Ruby, while all the others are Rails specific. A more accurate description should be up soon though.

This is the cover, with the picture of yours truly. Ladies, easy on the emails, I’m happily married. 😛 Jokes aside, I’ll share a bit of trivia about the picture with you. The few decent photographers in the area quoted me outrageously high numbers just for the one shot I needed for the cover. Being passionate about photography, I ended up shooting it myself, so it’s a self-portrait. I wonder if it’s a first in the world of Wrox covers.

Cover of the Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers book

Page-wise, I’ve written roughly half the book, which is going to be about 450 pages, and I expect to finish writing sometime in October.

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12 Responses to “Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers available for pre-order on”

  1. Nuno Job says:

    Congratulations António :) Nice self-portrait!

  2. Congrats.

    Quick question, though — why the phrase “for Microsoft Developers” instead of, say, “for Windows Developers” or “for .NET”?

  3. JO says:

    Microsoft developers are not normal so they have to have they own book :)

  4. LOL, can’t Microsoft people just read regular books?!

  5. SoftMind says:


    I have a little confusion about your book. Pl. make it more clear if you can.

    Is this book, somewhat like Rails for .Net developers by Pragmatic, with a clear focus on converting .net developers to Rails.


    This book explains creating Rails websites with IronRuby.

    What is the purpose of this book is not clear yet.


  6. Jim Minatel says:

    Antonio: Congrats and welcome to Wrox. Unfortunately, many other authors have shot self-portraits for the covers, I’m guessing you can tell that by looking at them. Yours is the most professionally done self photo I can think of though.

  7. […] Ruby on Rails for Microsoft Developers available for pre-order on […]

  8. Mark Thomas says:

    A week or so ago I guessed as to what the cover would look like:

    Guess I was wrong…

  9. @Nuno, @Jim: Thanks a lot guys. :)

    @Joe, JO, aimee, SoftMind: I’ll make a post to clarify this point. Stay tuned. 😉

    @Mark: Oh, I like your cover much better. 😀

  10. Ninh says:

    Looking sharp there Antonio! Any tips on how one would be able to obtain a signed copy of this book? ^_-


  11. Andrea Laforgia says:

    do you mean “for all those developers currently working in Microsoft”?
    …No, seriously: what does the “…for Microsoft developers” mean?
    Although I use of MS tools everyday, I have never considered myself “a Microsoft developer”…

  12. Glenn says:

    As useful as this would have been 3 years ago, I’m not sure I now want all of my former colleagues following me over to the ruby/rails world 😉 Congrats on the book though

  13. friarminor says:

    So what’s the next project, Tony? Better shoot those self-portraits regularly and maybe next time you’ll put it out and have a contest for picking up the best one.



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