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The future of This Week in Ruby

You may have noticed that a few days ago I didn’t post a new edition of This Week in Ruby. This was intentional and related to the future of this series. Let me tell you about it briefly.

Ever since I started This Week in Ruby, I’ve received many emails from people telling me how much they appreciated a weekly summary of the most relevant and interesting highlights from the Ruby and Rails communities. So I feel completely compelled to continue the series and I don’t plan on ending it anytime soon.

However a new and important arrangement has developed: I’ve been asked to write a weekly summary exclusively about Rails for the official Rails blog. This means that every Sunday/Monday, I will publish This Week in Ruby (without the Rails bits) on this blog, and This Week in Rails on the Rails blog.

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8 Responses to “The future of This Week in Ruby”

  1. Greg says:

    A request — I might be alone in not subscribing to the rails blog, but I don’t, and enjoy your updates. Any chance your posts could continue to include all ruby & rails news, or at least a direct link to the rails blog posts you contribute?

  2. That sounds great! Congratulations Antonio: now the Official Rails blog is going to have some fresh and quality content, at last!

  3. @Lawrence, @Fabio: Thanks. :)

    @Greg: I’ll provide a link.

  4. Jim Neath says:

    Congratulations on the new gig, Antonio.

    It’s good to see more action at the Riding Rails blog, as it’s generally quite dull :)

    Should be a lot more interesting with Gregg, Chu Yeow and yourself on board.

    Good work.

  5. Great man! Congrats and keep the high level work! 😉

  6. Super. Hopefully this will not spell the end of Ruby topics on your personal blog, which I’ve always enjoyed reading.

  7. friarminor says:

    Go get ’em, Antonio! And don’t forget to provide a link like you’ve promised.

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