Monthly Archive:: April 2008

Finally on Twitter

While I’ve been aware of Twitter since it began, I never took the leap until now. To start with, I’m not narcissistic enough to think that small snippets of my personal life interest anyone but a few close friends. I also try to rebel in the face of the information overload

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Is the Enterprise world Rails ready?

When searching the web for the words “Rails” and “Enterprise” you’ll find countless discussions about whether Rails is Enterprise ready. Some argue that it is, especially thanks to the extendibility offered by its plugin support, while others claim that realistically it’s not. “Is Rails Enterprise ready?” is the wrong question, I’d

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On The Last Lecture

The release of this book is a good opportunity for me to write about it, because I'd rather consider my words as a heartfelt thank you letter while Randy is still alive, rather than a brief eulogy to be published when, sadly, he won't physically be with us anymore. ... After

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