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Putting IBM databases on Rails

Last Wednesday at XTech 2006 in Amsterdam, Leon Katsnelson made an annoucement about some of the projects that we’ve been working on at IBM. You can download Leon’s presentation here:

Original PPT | ODP | PDF | SWF

In a matter of days, the Startup Toolkit for DB2 on Rails for Windows will be available online. Providing a one-click solution that will allow you to try out DB2 on Rails.

The toolkit installs both Ruby and Ruby on Rails and includes:

  • IBM DB2 Ruby driver
  • IBM Active Record adapter for DB2
  • 3 mini videos to get you started
  • DB2 Viper (code name for the upcoming release of DB2)

The installed version of Rails generates customized starter pages with useful links which enable you to learn more about DB2 on Rails. As well as config\database.yml, which by default uses the ibm_db2 adapter.

The adapter that I wrote will be released as open source (of course), but so is Sam ’s driver. I love to see IBM’s dedication towards open initiatives. In fact, other projects I’m working on will be made available to the OS community too (some of them in a few month’ s time).

I plan to write articles and create videos about DB2 on Rails for this blog. More interesting things to come. Stay tuned. 😉

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2 Responses to “Putting IBM databases on Rails”

  1. sd says:

    Will the DB2 support include the I5/I-Series/AS400 versions of DB2?

  2. Hi sd,
    currently the adapter doesn’t support the mentioned platforms. However, it is considered a priority to render the adapter truly cross-platform in the next releases.

    Thank you for your question.

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